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By Michael House
My sister was making grape juice this morning and I was wondering-what if you had a faucet that was programmable? you type in the tempature, amount etc and it would fill your cup (or jug/sink/bottle) up... no more wasted water :)...... this could also be used in your tub.

Reward: Better water managment.
By Alexander W
For your information, the Finnish manufacturer "Oras" makes these kind of fully programmable faucets, these are mainly used in for medical use or large scale kitchens.
For home and public toilet use like hotels resturants gasstations etc they offer watersaving faucets with "action"-detectors that switches the waterflow on when you put your hands or an object under the faucet. These kind of faucets have pre- adjusted watertemperature.
Since you do not need to tuch these faucets they are both very hygienic and saves water.
Check out their web page at :
By colacool2003
I like your idea even if they make it a lot easy to fallow instructions on food lables
By Ryan321
This was invented and patented by a man in CO in 2001. It is in the manufacturing process. :-/

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