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By showmethegadget
Manufacture light bulbs with a fragrant coating which is activated by the heat each time the light is switched on.

Reward: A pat on the back
By wildwebwizards
I think that's a great idea.

It would be a perfect little gadget to sell from one of my sites.

I am interested to know if you know of any material that can produce the smell and cope with the heat.

Otherwise perhaps some type of deoderiser/lightbulb combination.

You know what's trippy? I have a window open research Thomas Edison and I just realised it. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Any thoughts? Who would be the target market?

DJ's, Home Improvement Stores, Lighting Stores
By kartik
whoa thats super cool mann! ;-D ;-D ;-D

Yeah it would be great if a bulb that could give off an odor when it is switched on is invented.....................I bet the first place people would place it is in the u needn't go for the room freshner spray every time.......................

Don't worry man I get to market that product I will give half my profits to you ;-)

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