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By SneakersAngl
Okay... I may sound crazy but have you ever stepped into dog poop? I have MILLIONS of times. The reason we step into that massive lump of waste is because we can't see it! I would like to invent a food or a substance you mix into the food that would change a chemical in the dogs poop that would make it a flourescent color. I realize this would take a couple of scientists and a food company who would be willing to support me. If anyone knows anyone who would be interested in helping me... please send me an E-mail at:!

Reward: If the poop was flourescent... you wouldn't step in it!
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By Steve
I'm afraid this idea would only help us realize that this world is full of sh**...
By Nick
You can do it all you have to do is melt a bright crayon on the dog food when it comes out it is colored ;-)
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By Steve
Wouldn't that be rather unhealthy? And also it's not YOUR dog that's causing the problems, but all the others... ;-)
By duh
there are a number of simple solutions to your problem, here are a few...
1) take on a local campaign to provide every dog owner with a pooper scooper
2) take up a collection and then dole out the monies to those who will pick up the poop...say 10 cents a pile!
3) stay out of dog runs!
By Scott
HAHAHA this too funny. Last thing I want to do is be at a park with my family and be surrounded by flourecsent crap.

Anyways if someone actually invents this bad invention, I want the red and the green, that way I don't need to decorate my house for X-mas, I'll just let my dog crap all over the yard, then I'll put on my plastic gloves go out in the yard "carefuly" pick up "some" flourescent crap making sure I leave some crap in the yard for the the spectators to enjoy, and start hurling it at my house till it's covered. look on the bright side, you'll have a free lifetime supply of flourescent crap. Man this flourescent crap is such a great idea.... lol

By Laura
Scott - Red rawhide might just be the splash of color that you're looking for. Feeding this to a dog should change the color of his excretions. Now that Christmas is passed you've got about 8 months to figure out how to go for the green. I think with a little research the 2004 holiday season might just be your best ever.
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