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By Ojas
A drinking straw that is a oval rather than round tube. This has multi-usage given that more and more drinks now have non-liquid ingredients. Examples are black jelly pearls in bubble tea and puree in aloe vera drinks.

In fact in Asia many freshly made tropical drinks contain various jellies, beans, fruit cocktails. Take-away drinks as such require a spoon to scoop. A drinking straw with oval tube large enough to draw up these ingredients will be more convenient.
By Ideamonger
In Asian-style restaurants over here when you order boba drinks or any other drink that contains solids, the waiter brings a large (about a 1/3rd of an inch in diameter), cicular straw with which you can suck up the solid parts. I don't know if there is just a local manufacturer or if they are international.
By notthenameiwant
Eck- I'll keep my drinks without the chunks in them. I've never liked strawberry milkshakes for that reason alone...
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By Michael D. Grissom
The reason that straws are round instead of the more lip shape friendly oval is because round won't collapse nearly as easily as oval when subjected to the vacuum of sucking on it. The same is true for anything pressurized which is why they don't make carbonated beverage cans square or oval to take less space in the refrigerator - they would balloon out. Making the walls thicker to compensate for this would make them impractical to manufacture economically.

An oversized thick walled oval straw would only be practical if it wasn't disposable.
By InventR
Michael, You took the words outta my mouth ;-D
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