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By Brian Straly
With all of the Hi-Tech gaming systems out there, and so many exercise gadgets, it's a wonder to me that nobody has combined them. I would like to see a peice of exercise equipment that would challenge me mentally and physically, as well as alow me to compete with other users, even if they are in another part of the world.

I believe that this would motivate a lot of people who would otherwise never exercise to get busy.

I believe that the sheer boredom of repetitons on a weight bench, or running on a treadmill are enough detour many people from exercising.

If you had a stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill with a large T.V. screen in front of you, and a system that allowed you to choose a "Canyon Run", "Running From the Mafia","Mountain Bike Trail" or even "Rowing With the Whales" or compete with others on the same network. The graphics could be every bit as good as PS2, the X-Box or any other gaming system.

This could be used as either home exercise equitment, or we could even create an entire "Virtual Gym".

I believe that this could absolutely revolutionize the exercise equiptment industry, and promote healthier life styles.
By AaronAgassi
Imagine a real full body VR rig with full range of motion plus force feedback! Playing Super Mario becomes athletic!

And this is only one application of a more versatile modular system...
By fashion_assassin
I think it's called Dance Dance Revolution or something. But there is a roll out mat with button symbols on it. You step on the buttons to push them, while on the screen a figure dances. The game tells you what sequence in which to push the buttons.

I think a treadmill with a light gun game would go nicely with your initial "Running from the Mafia" concept.
By Guest
No, I was speaking of a more versatile invention concept of my own.

But depending upon the goals, whatever off the shelf strategy might make a better starting point, at least in the mean time.

So, beyond just the idea, does anyone have a clear agenda from which to build up to a clear proposal?
By AaronAgassi
Oops! The above is mine. I forgot to sign in first...
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By Steve
I agree - this is definitely a part of our future! ;-7

The Japanese manager of a shampoo company will do his morning exercise on a training bike. He will compete against an agent from Beverly Hills who made a quick stop at his fitness center after work.

As years go by and the technique evolves, both could race against Jacques Merckx, a late cousin of Eddie (the famous French bike racer), who went out for a glass of wine at around 10 pm IN REALITY but has to race home at midnight because he forgot a pot of French onion soup on the stove.

It will be fun!!! ;-D
By soccerboy995
Thanks for the great idea. I am going to try this for my science fair project. I'll keep you posted.
By lazyboy
8-o i think the first nintendo came with a running pad for a track game my parents bought for but never used it cause i was fat and lazy that would be the problem for me i like games hate working out plus i think most of the guys that hang out in gyms just do it to check out other guys pecks so they would be uniterested in the games unless it came with wwf superstars sweaty guys in thongs version good idea though just take out the workout part and put ladys and a virtual bar you got a real idea bro
By AWard
You'll be glad (or maybe disappointed) to know that this has already been done. You'll be just as equally annoyed that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the company who makes them. Anyway, I saw an exercise bike/video game combo machine at a trade fair a few weeks ago. The speed that you pedal is linked to your character in the game so you sometimes have to pedal like mad and sometimes just coast along. It's a great way to take your mind of the amount of hard work you are doing.
By Guest
this invention already exist in the marketm, just do some research
By tekneek101
Can someone please help me come up with a Science Project idea in which a way to relate Dance Dance Revolution, with Chemistry? Something along the lines of Calories perhaps? Please, thank you.
By AaronAgassi
(Actually, this is more like it. Brainstorming is supposed to start by defining a problem, not with an idea or solution.)

Choreography could be derived from chemical reactions, each dancer playing the part of an atomic nucleus, forming compounds and holding hands for single and double bonds, then rearranging. Different dance moves or even pantomimes of arousal would also corresponds to different states of electron excitation.

Now, back to yopic, with VR bracelets and anklets, in simulation, this might also make an interesting exercise regimen, with surprises and variety.

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