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By Ojas
Wonder if this idea might work.

Invent a paint that has a plastic or glass fibre base. The idea is that when it is painted on a wall a light source from a point can light up the paint thus illuminating the wall.

The effect is similar to fibre optics and some plastic strands which have been shown to be able to trap and channel light shone through its cross section.

This idea needs in-depth research but if successful the result can be most interesting.

Reward: Engage me as a inventor :-)
By Willman1107
there is an invention for this it is called neon paint and a blacklight
By Rishi
Willman1107 wrote:there is an invention for this it is called neon paint and a blacklight

Balck light (Ultra Violet radiation) can be hazardous in an interior situation. Electroluminesecnt panels are a safe, low voltage, cool-to-touch option to light up srfaces. EL panels are typically 0.3mm thin and are very flexible. By adjusting the composition many colours can be realized. By covering a whole wall or a roof underside a flat even lighting can be achieved.

EL technology is already in use.

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