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By AaronBurns
If you don't like square fish tanks or round ones you have no other choice. If you make the tank flexible your square tank turns into a roundish but supported tank. This would distort viewing purposes a little but which tank full of water doesn't. The fish would be seen as a round object and be quit hilarious in different parts of the tank except for top viewing. I think we could make any shaped tank flexible and it would be loads of fun.

A plexy-glass clear plastic that is flexible is all that would be needed and as someone who used to fill plastic type boat water tanks they stand up to any pressure so no leaks, no breaks, and the coolest tank in town. Hmm.... I wonder what shape I want... maybe tubular like the little cyclone machines. Maybe even combine cylone action with the dizzy fish!

Reward: I would like to own a fish. Also a fish tank so that I would never lose him/her.
By dwilliams
I should think your actual pet comes first above your low boredom threshold.

I imagine it would be extremely stressful to the fish. Leave them alone.
By thedoc7777
if the plastic pipes were of large enough diameter you could essentially snake them throughout a house, similiar to the duct system for heating and cooling and have sort of a living ocean depending on how big you wanted it to be. Since it would be on the outside of the walls rather than inside it would add another element that many interior designers could use to add personality to a house enabling houses to go for more than their value creating a sort of fish real estate market haha
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By AaronBurns
Great idea and maybe you could snake it through the ceilings in and out of the walls as well! ;-D
By thedoc7777
heck we could create a living house and make plastic tunnels for all sorts of animals and given the right amount of breathing holes it could take away the house space to be cleaned. Or we could reverse the idea and put the people in the tubes and flood the house for the fish whichever idea fires people up.
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By cynet
It a fair idea, but there is a problem. It was reported to me, a log time ago, in one of these posts. Glass is not as porous as plastic. The more porous a surface is the more likely hood you will have algae, especially in a fish tank. If you could mold glass pipes that would be better. There is a video on youtube, somewhere, where a guy built trays hanging from the cealing, and pipes coming down from them, so the fish could freely swim about his apartment. I wish I could give you the link, but that was a long time ago.
By JustAnObserver
Sorry, Been Done.

The tank is made of thick flexible plastic. With no water it can be folded and stored away in a closet, dry of course.

It is about 13" high and 24" round and it is recommended you use it outside.

It is called the " POP UP AQUARIUM ". 15 US gallons, 56 Litres. For outdoor Aquatic fun. Just add gravel, water, fish and plants.

It comes with a 227 LPH air pump. (GFCI required for use)


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