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By 'The One'
Scientists should invent something which isn't dangerous but which could be attached to the head (by magnetic forces or something, since the brain uses inner-magnetic forces itself) and which could track and record what we are thinking AS we are thinking of it! Or it could read and record someone’s memories, and although the memories and/or thoughts would not be totally clear because the brain scrambles things, if they could put your thoughts into an understandable form, it would be a major step. For example, imagine if you had been dreaming or daydreaming ideas for excellent film plots and camera shots. The 'machine' invented could track the points of the axons of the nerve impulses in your brain and record your thoughts! Then, if this worked, they could use another 'machine' to turn your daydreams/dreams into fairly visible pictures and sound. THEN maybe ideas for film/game adaptations would be more like the authors had imagines they would be! I know it's a 'mad scientist' idea and I have only read a certain amount about the human brain but I'm sure with current or future technology this could be possible!...
By 'The One'
The thing that attaches near to the brain could work like a camera crew's 'boom pole' even, using hairs to pick up sensitive waves from the brain or something to gather information (like how boom poles can apparently pick up sound from a close distance).
By eat2live
My theory about mind reading has been, for a long time, that we could read the mind by sensing fluctuations in brain waves. Picking up on the magnetic waves in there too could also help accomplish that. Good thinking.
By rika89
hmmm..interesting...but the problem will be 'putting our thoughts into an understandable form'. what the brain thinks is only understandable by the brain...i mean what we see or hear or think we can only communicate not actually show or make someone the problem will be making machines that can capture our memories the way we remember it...
the brain has its own decode this language and put it into a programmable form could be quite a task...
also..this program would be variable for everyone...because each brain thinks differently...for eg. B for ball may be B for bat for someone else...
By Highguard01
privacy not piracy why would you want people to get into your head they could make you think your someone else or control you im sure you understand hardrive you put a magnet on it an you start to erase data and leave others choped up now i if you stick a magnet on your head your still going to remember your life i just did atleast...............................................mwhahahahahhaahhahahahahahaha.

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