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By AaronBurns
We should stop all the fighting, bickering, and wars over which beverage in each catagory (Respectfully) be it a cola type drink, a beer, a hard alcoholic bevage or what ever and just mix the best ones together until they taste better than they would seperately. Like coke and Pepsi could be Poksi after the right amount of each is mixed we divy up the sales and give each company there share and we drink the end product. I would also like to see Bud Light and Coors Light mixed. I think that they would taste better combined. A good mixologist could mix just about any beverage and come up with some thing new. Bars creat house specials and new mixes all the time so why don't we try it on soft drinks or any other imaginable liquid we might drink?
Getting the companies to agree to split cost items is the hard part.

Reward: A case of each! Especially the beers!
By C-Chamberlain
If the makers of the brews and colas would put aside their animosity and try combining their products as suggested, I'm guessing that a good protion of the public would at least try it. That alone would mean millions of dollars in sales. I believe that would be a risk that would pay off for the companies.

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