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By AaronBurns
You could have a pull tab that removes the entire lid of a beverage can with one pull and have the sides perfectly round and safe for drinking from eliminating the use of a cup and helping reduce that dribble down your chin from the small hole in an average beverage can. It would in effect turn the can into a cup where you could add ice or any other ingredient or you could freeze the can for long term storage and dump it into a cup (very fast) or make a great tasting slushy type drink by blending it. Just try and get a frozen beverage out of a small hole in the standard top of a can!

And when you're really thirsty you could really chug any liquid out of this kind of can; no air restrictions!

Reward: Too be able to place ice in a can of pop without dirtying a single cup rather than doing the dishes all the time!
By Stewie123
AaronBurns wrote:Just try and get a frozen beverage out of a small hole in the standard top of a can!

I had that happen once to me. I went to get a pop and it was frozen, and as an attempt to get the liquid out, I was squizzing the can in every angle. next thing I knew was that I was starting to tear the can in half.

So yea it is hard to have a pop from a can thats frozen.

Now back to the idea, you would have to have somthing to hold the pop in place, so if it flips over pop doesn't start leaking all over. Perhaps some type of plastic lid that you can just pop off.
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