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By msstein
I imagine a machine that is designed to allow the user to appear to be swimming in a pool, but it will have weights as well to increase resistance. I am turned off by public pools and the effort to breath just to get the physical movement. Eliminate the breathing strain and you may be able to swim longer with added resistance. No more waiting in lines or having red eye or chlorine in your hair, but all the physical benefits of swimming.

Reward: Help develop and sell the product. I need help in engineering such a product.
By InventR
I believe the reason swimming is a good exercise is mainly attributed to the breathing. Its a bit like yoga or other forms of aerobics. Taking the breathing out of it makes it an ordinary workout machine in the gym.
By hblu2002
There is a device that works like this that allows you to 'simulate' swimming with resistance outside of a pool. You can check it out at
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