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By bdetchevery
I have recently become a new dad, as my daughter was beginning to crawl around and now starts to learn to work she often falls and comes close to hitting herself on our furniture (e.g. coffee table).

I think it shouldn't be too hard to create some type of semi-permanent hardening foam, that one could spray around sharp edges of wood / plastic.

The compound would need to form a good seal but also be able to be easily removed when needed without doing damange to the underlying material.

I would be interested in buying such a product if it were say under $5 for the can.

Reward: Free can of this stuff - Thank-you notice
By InventR
I think its a great idea - like spray on Styrofoam. Only issue is that it would have to be non-toxic, in case the baby decides to bite or eat the stuff. Could be an expansion of the streamer-in-a-can stuff presently available.
By mattsmoski
a product called great stuff is used as a spray insulation out of a can and cost $5.00, however this idea of useage is good.
By imarte2001
Let's think about modular cushions pads that could be attach and unattach to any surface eg: wall corners, furniture, home appliances etc.
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