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By jason labbé
It says random pickup lines in ur ear to make u feel good about yourself then lets you give it a try... if you say something dumb or useless the machine will administer 50V of electricity into your body.

Reward: If you know what ur doing you won't get shocked... helps you get chicks.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I'm very impressed by the fact that you picked 50 volts. 40~60 volts would be the perfect range to apply to one small spot (for the purpose). Was that a coincidence or have you already experimented with such devices?

It might be better to take one of those memory improvement courses and then read a book on dating.
By sarahtia

Or.. maybe you could rely on your oh-so-smooth charm? Maybe your mind? Why would you want something that whispers corny pick up lines in your ear? Girls don't like that. And we'll be even more freaked out if, after we reject you, we watch you get shocked. Now that's creepy.
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By Michael D. Grissom
LOL.. one of my all time favorites; when you pass the girl of your dreams, you turn around and say "Excuse me.. do you believe in love at first sight.. or do I need to pass you again?"

Over many years I've noticed a major increase in the number of 'ideas' for artificial methods of finding/dating the opposite sex. Is there something wrong with all of the free dating websites? A lot of these sites hold local parties and dances so that everyone can meet each other. What am I missing in this equation? The AOL parties were the BEST!
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