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By Daryl666
We have a large number of trucks on the road that have wind diverters on the roof to make the aerodynamics of the truck better when pulling a tall trailer. Why not put a large balloon of a lifting gas (i.e. helium) in that empty space this would permanrntly be lifting up on the tractor reducing the weight but not the aerodynamics, therefore reducing the ammount of fuel required to move the load when moving uphill and reducing the load on the brakes when travelling downhill. This method would also be suitable for use in cranes and other lifting jobs.

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By calibret
Here are the flaws of the idea

# 1 - In an experiment in Mythbuster, it took like 20 000 ballons filled with helium to lift a small kid. If I remember from Chemistry right, not many gases are lighter than helium. In the auto industry, we like to say that type of material is Unobtanium. You're better off reducing the weight of the truck (e.g. reduce gage by going to High Strength Steel etc.)

#2 - In aerodynamics, there's a vortice or eddy current created behind the wind deflector. This turbulent air current cause the wind to skip over it instead of dragging downwards onto the truck roof.
It's proven in the Mybuster episode on the driving with tailgate down actually increases drag (at high speed). He he .... I know because I design tailgates.

#3 - Assume if you could lift the truck, it will means less traction on your tire patches, making it harder to brake and steer.

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By swimmer
Yep drag isnt simple ...

Am a mechanical engineer . Its my job to know about drag .

There a volume area ratio . that can make drag minimum , and wait carryying truck maximum . And it isnt the current designe .

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