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A while ago a friend of mine had given me a CO2 tank (full) that he used for making beer with. He told me that I could use it to make other things carbonated. I started racking my brain thinking of what could be a new carbonated drink that is not out there...?
Carbonated Chocolate Milk - - - - not as good as it sounds
Carbonated Skim Milk - - - - - even worse
Carbonated Coffee - - - - Nope
Carbonated Orange Juce (pulpy) - - - not good either.

The result of my experiment comes down to an old adage my friend told me when I told him one of my crazy ideas for an invention.

"You ever heard of that before? ...Do you think there might be a reason for that?"
By 'The One'
That's cool. Maybe companies have not told people about this because people could make their own drinks and then companies would lose profit. I've heard something similar but not the same as this before. That's a mint idea!

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