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By nsa
New locking system for car connected to gearbox, engine and ECU for theft proof. The system will mechanically lock the engine, gearbox and send locking information to ECU. The locking system will be automatic hydraulic assisted system where the will lock certain part of the gears inside engine and gearbox. Only the owner or the manufacturer can unlock the system as the system employed electronics + hydraulic internal locking system that can be deactivated by correct key. If the system being compromised, it will automatically lock the engine and cannot be disassembled.
By calibret
Hey fellow Malaysian,
Your idea concept makes sense but it is not practical.
Currently we embed a transmitter in a key for a passive theft system and if you lose both your keys then it takes like 80-350 USD to replace the key. If they cannot find or duplicate the code, it would cost another few hundred bucks to replace/ reprogram the ECM. Besides most locksmith cannot do so without specialized equipment(cost of USD4000).

Dealers are charging enough money already so you don't want to have a theft system that is customized to that particular vehicle that only an authorized dealer can fix. Might have to tow a lockvehicle.

By the way, GM has the onstar technology that can lock and unlock your vehicle remotely using satellites. I think I heard of anti-theft system that can be trarcked by GPS and disable remotely too - has been invented.

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