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By vertygo
A site that you can submit reviews of people you've dealt with in any way, i.e. like eBay reviews but for off-eBay transactions (say you bought something off someone on a forum) .

Have a variety of sections from Teen Dating to Business Dealings, to Friendships (hey, we could have good reviews too!).
By thedoc7777
i really would love to see an idea like this working, but i fear with human nature this would inevitably turn into a site to simply criticize and tear apart people, such as most of the internet has become. It would have to have some regulations on who could talk about who, depending on the depth of the relationship and maybe include a personality test for each person so we could get a background on the person doing the criticizing.
By Royster

This is kinda what you're talking about?

I made it for a project at uni. The site seems to work ok, but theres not a lot of content on it.

I'm currently working on a newer version of the same, but with multiple image upload per item, places you can buy the item(s) from, and item statistics.

Let me know what you think!

By Royster
(obviously the site is aimed at products, but can be adapted for anything by adding/changing the menu) ;)
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