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By AaronBurns
This lighter would heat with a couple double AA batteries exactly like an auto mobile electrical jack lighter that we all plug into our cell phones into nowadays to charge them. The hot spot would be contained within the center of coils so that the heat would disappear quickly, come with its own lid and only be hot when you pull the trigger to heat the element in the center. You would always know whose lighter it is since you would never change anything but the batteries and it could be personalized in any way so that you don't accidentially grab a lighter that's dead (or some one else's lighter), and the battery meter could easily be placed on the outside so that you can tell when it is a good lighter that will light.

Reward: One in all designs!
By SilverGhost
This is a great idea, the other added benefit is that the wind wont blow it out either. Only issue I can see is battery life. A recharging station at home would be a great addition so that whenever you leave you have a full charge.
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