Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By 'The One'
Scientists say that the universe originally consisted of nothing and then there was a big bang. Because there was too much of nothing, everything (matter and anti-matter) was created. Why, we do not know. Although, we have a theory that the universe repeats itself constantly like ‘God’ is playing their favourite game over and over again. The universe begins with nothing, then everything is spread out into its space, then once the space is full, or once there is simply more matter/anti-matter than space, the universe either spreads out to create more space, or everything starts again, either as ‘the next stage’ of the ‘universe’s development’, or everything rushes back to its beginning, as if restarting the game, possibly for ‘better results’ (if the game didn’t turn out as well as was planned).


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