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By AaronBurns
Like most people we still get a large amount of important snail mail through our postal services, but we never know when the mail gets to the mail box since our windows and doors are too far away or we had no outgoing mail for the flag to be put up to tell us the mail has finally arrived.

If we had a caller I.D. type log or a buzzer the mail man could push then we wouldn't have to guess or run out to check the mail every half hour or more for the many differing hours the mail might arrive. The Buzzer/Bell/I.D. would be remote from the mail box to the inside of your home for ultimate ease.

Reward: A free instalation and free life time use if a fee would apply (very doubtful).
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By AaronBurns
Besides a buzzer you could have it activate with a light sensor so that when you open the dark inside of the mail box the buzzer goes off when light enters.
This also tells you about mail theivery if opened by any one besides the scheduled delivery person. ;-D
By scottraine123
what if some kids think its cool to run past your house then press the button then leg it, good idea about the weight buzzer i like it. ;-D
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By Greenearthman
it seems to me with technology, there should be an infared light so that when mail is placed inside the mailbox, the sensor could be set off just like an security alarm.
The alarm would let you know inside your home with a sign about your front door or something.
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