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By AaronBurns
A wash cycle and dryer heat set Teflon like additive that would repel unwanted materials from pet hair too dust or dirt. This way you could simply shake off the blanket or shirt (blouse) or pants after they aquire the unwanted material. It would simply float to the floor where all other unwanted things go anyway and get vacuumed up evetually some time later.

This treatment for fabrics wouldn't be like starch and make them stiff, but leave the fabrics soft and flexible. Comfortable fabrics with that little added advantage of a permiated, fully saturated to repel and keep everything but liquids out which you could add to this product. The treatment might be able to even keep out moisture once heat set in the dryer and then only break down with soaps or detergents for cleaning purposes.

Reward: My face on a billboard advertising this product! A BIG face!
By azianmoose
I think I've heard of this about 2 years back. Nano technology allows us to spray on to the fabric a coating of hairs, shaped like hooks. The hooks keeps a layer of air to buffer any debris, or stains. When placed in the wash, the detergent's ionic properties straighten the hairs, and cleans out the fabric. when heat is applied, the hairs curl back to shape to keep stains off.

I heard it off discovery channel. Sirius Radio.

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