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By baserunner11888
So my friend and I are currently in Keystone Colorado snowboarding, and we want to get some cool pictures of ourselves snowboarding, but its a real hassle to have one person wait with a camera to get footage or pictures.

It hit us that since they use cameras on rollercoasters automatically, why not install video cameras/still cameras at cool locations around a ski hill (i.e. jumps, rails, big slopes)? This way, the cameras could automatically take cool pictures or video of people going down the hill, then the skiers could later search through the footage and retrieve pictures of themselves.

Reward: Tell me where they are being installed
By klairah
they do that already (at least where I go skiing). There are people with cameras who take the pictures and then there's a sign that's like 'ask for roll #694'. And you can get the photos of yourself skiing
it would be pretty cool if they video taped it though...
By InventR
I've often thought the same. Its embarassing to keep asking people to take pictures of you on holiday. Its more evident when you have an album filled with him next to this and her next to that but very few of the couple together, especially in front of a great natural view - historic monuments always have a lot of people around to ask.

I saw these camera's in Montreal recently near the Quay- takes a picture of you with the view behind and you get to print it. Would make it easier if you could email it to yourself or transfer it onto a portable memory device.
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