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By magicat
I think that there should be a tooth-paste tube holder thing that would squirt out a predetermined amount of tooth paste at the touch of a button. It would use up all the tooth-paste in the tube eventually. It would be nice because many people have a difficult time with the mean ole' tubes. (My brother used to break the tubes because he bent them so much.)

Reward: I want one!
By tree
I would buy this, toothpaste tubes are messy, and I'm a klutz-Tree
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By magicat
Ah, but do thay make a pump that can hold any standard size toothpaste tube? It'd be nice if you weren't stuck using one brand's dispensers and then wanted to change you toothpaste. ;-)
By kengsslee
I thought the screwy thing was already in the market ages ago. My mom used to have a set of them for all the tube stuffs.

There are 2 rollers inside where it flattens the tube.
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