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By AaronBurns
A swear jar with lid where you place coins or cash to be counted going in and has an alarm if someone tries to steal from it. It would have an amount digital read-out and a time/date stamp to keep track of all things going in and out and of course the reset button when you remove all the cash for that special day when you spend the money or donate it to a charity (your best choice). The locked lid would have a slot for cash and holes for coins. This would count money going in and store it inside until further notice by owner. I believe that the lid could be constructed small enough to fit a standard canning jar of large size and that way you could see the cash inside to see that it truely is secure in the jar. The alarm goes off when someone takes the lid off the jar.

Reward: A good name for this jar... I would call it Sir Counts Alot! Ha!
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By Steve
Voice recoginizion would also be cool - then the jar could actually demand to be fed! ;-)
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