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By Ecc_1:9
I think that we need to start criticizing the critics--you know, all those people who think they know what they are talking about when they write movie reviews? We need a group of super-critics who analyze the reasoning of critics. Such as, if the critic thinks a plot in a movie is unrealistic based on their knowledge of technology or physics, then the super-critic should find out if they have any base to their complaint and then write a review of the critic's review.

This is all very complicated, but in the end it will make for happier movie-goers, and possibly more of them. I have only read a handful of "professional" movie reviews that I felt did justice to the true content of the movie.

Reward: I would like to never have to read another review from a "professional" critic that is completely ridiculous, biased or idiotic!
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By Steve
How about a general collective rating by the readers? After all they are the ones who know best if the review was on the spot or not. - Might be better than shifting the problem to yet another individual who would then need a super-super-critic (and so on ;-) ).
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By Ecc_1:9
You're probably right. I was just tired of the snooty attitude of these critics who aren't even earning an honest living. The public is the best critic of what's good or bad.
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By Steve
Ecc_1:9 wrote:The public is the best critic of what's good or bad.

Actually that's not what I wanted to say. There are a couple of terrific professional critics out there that do a great job (and often the public can have a very poor taste) - but having them rated by a public vote would kinda add checks and balances. Probably it would make sense to split the vote in different categories, e.g. sharing the critic's opinion is one thing, whether or not he is fun to read another. And once you know how to judge the critic (what type of person he is), his opinions may be very helpful, even if you disagree on the verdict!

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