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By azianmoose
Five Talents restaurant is a restaurant that incorporates all the newest culinary art graduates. The first restaurant who directly advertises with the culinary schools in the area, accept 5 talented graduates to join the restaurant. Advertise a tasting with a group of restaurant goers. Each chef will cater to this private tasting group their menu for the month. The tasters judge on presentation, taste, etc. The winner of the competition will gain reconition in the menu for the month, along with his/her menu made for that month as the special. The winner will also obtain 5% of the profit from the special menu as a bonus for that month. The losing chefs are obligated to work as sous chefs for the winner. This restaurant will develop a name for talented chefs straight from culinary schools to be creative, and learn to manage a kitchen. The restaurant gets to have a name for having the freshest ideas, recipes. Any winning recipe will remain with the restaurant, and remain on the menu upon special request. Each chef is only allowed to work at the restaurant for a duration of 2 years max. At the end of 2 years, they should have developed a name to venture off.

Reward: Free trip to the opening ceremony for two. I can drive if the restaurant is in MD, VA, DC area. Invitiations to future tasting. (I'll pay for my expenses to attend)
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By Steve
Good one. Please specify a reasonable reward (like a free trip to the opening ceremony) and I'll move it to the main section immediately. ;-)
By kimmi11
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