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By swimmer
I read about people complaining about neighbours that take music to a high level, or car that passes at night and disturbs the neighborhood with its boom boom woofers.

There is a way to handle this problem and it's in using the new technologies provided. By linking every sound system in a city by a gprs connection, volume off sound sytems can be controlled and a law can prevent users of sound systems of increasing the volume so the volume can be locked to a certain max at night, and there would not be any way to take it higher. And at day a higher volume is permitted .

In the case of a party the owner of the sound system must get a permission with the approval of neighbors or a certain fee he has to pay for them, so he can increase the sound system for max. volume for only one night or a few hours.

Reward: leave my stereo without the gprs controlling device.
By keyurbsorathia
Hello there,

can you tell me how are you going to connect all the people?
i got as you are telling that it can be done by GPRS, but how?
and how would you control the sound with the help of GPRS?

Nice idea.

Thank you.

Keyur Sorathia.
Interaction design,
IDII+Domus Academy
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By swimmer
u wont defenitly use a crocodiles eye and a chickens leg to make a potion , than put it on the stereo !

when i said gprs i was giving an example , it can be made . but also there are simpler methods , it by having a connection device at the center of each city or town , this device will be conected by radio waves to each stereo , and it will interract with it and limit its volume .
By keyurbsorathia
i understood.

but if the city is big and as you told that you are putting the limiting device in the center of the city, then would it be able to control sound for the whole city?

i understood the way that you want to control the noise of the city?
may be with law. but will it be able to do it for the whole city.

can you be more detailed if you dont mind?

thank you.

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By swimmer
well this forum is for the ideas , not for the full project and the cost analysis and the name of the engineers that will be working on it .

but a little detail can be given . it will be like a server , so when the city growth or is biger another server can be added .

it is relative to the city size . if the city is to big 2 devices can be placed at two centers . like on the focal points of an ellipse .
By keyurbsorathia
okay .

ideas are always with some details. not just idea.
and i wasnt asking you to give any engineers name or any other thing like that.

if idea would be only idea then i would have thought that "i can fly", "i could have wings", "i could have created a transparent world" , but always there is a question, how would you do that?

anyways it was nice talking to you.
thank you so much.

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By swimmer
well i think my "idea " is clear .

any further interresting questions will be answered .
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By Greenearthman
the idea is okay but i would not want big brother controlling my stereo, even though i think the bass boomers playing loud music are dumb witted, what would work is sound proof windows, what do you think? ;-)
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By swimmer
sound proof windows are great . but they are costy ! not everyone can afford them .
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By Greenearthman
you are right about the cost, maybe you could strap a white noise machine to the interior roof of your car........

or wear ear plugs ......i was thinking maybe as a society we could just start giving those weirdos looks like a "what the f@@k is wrong with you?" look, then they realize how dumb they are.
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By swimmer
White noise machine is still not effective ...

But we can mout a sound wave device on the balcone or EM ( electro magnetic impulse ) Gun to simply destroy the annoyant car , or ruin its sound system ... :p
By Rambo-Commando
wow okay ... u wanna invent an EMP gun to destroy sound systems, and control everybody's stereo from the city center ?
this sounds like something craing would do to the nutrinos from the dymension x (from the 1980's ninja turtles) LOL
i think it would be 1000 time easier + cost effective + easier to control to just sound proof your house - if people's music annoy you - than to monitor every sound system in the town.
By nphawat
hey swimmer you know more than i do how to insulate using egg's paper... and polystyrene (thermal insultation :)

double sided glass windows (vacuum or any halogen gas in between would also do it)
triplle sided glass also
you can put gibson on your walls....
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