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By AaronAgassi
Instead of just making posts, participants should be encouraged to mantain their own sites of Brainstorming matterial...
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By Steve
I guess this wouldn't work.

In the early times of the Creativity Pool, people would just post something like "I have a great idea, take a look at my website!" Sometimes the link would really lead to something like an idea, more often than not it would be some MLM site or worse.

I think it's good that people have to boil down their ideas and express them in a few sentences. It works better and helps keep the site focussed. Some people may hold different opinions, but extending the Creativity Pool to be a network of sites would most likely result in a swamp of blabla rather than a useful resource.
By AaronAgassi
These posts are limited in development. A site or Online resource is a greater commitment. And a network might help involvement.

People also need to learn to link directly to whatever page in question at the time. And truly irrelevant SPAM can be detected.
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By Lil'Rhymeo
Im making a site for my at-school rapping soon! ;-D Cant tell how old and what grade etc , well I'd get banned. :~(

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