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By AaronBurns
Thick, warm, versatile, obsorbant, breathable, very cofortable, designish, unique and novel just to name a few qualities of taking an average running shoe sports sock material and adding a zipper in the front and wearing it as a full body suit. You could design them to look like any kinds of clothing. You could make it a two piece outfit with tops and bottoms if you wish. Other clothes are made with similar materials but are not woven the same and this kind of sock material would be expensive but worth the cost. Besides, an idea doesn't have to be cheap to be good. If you've got the cash then we've got the goods! Ha!

Reward: One that doesn't look like my socks...
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By magicat
Do you mean thin sock material? I don't quite get why people would want this. There are already full body pajamas out there.
By randa
sorry but aren't you describing a onesie?

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