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I would like to see bottle caps for soda bottles (20 oz size) that have a built-in spill-proof straw. These could be sold in multiple quantity packs at places like Walmart, maybe even make them disposable (but dishwasher safe in case we wanna be cheap!).

The main reason I want this is because I have a 15 month old and we always leave the house and forget his sippy cup (actually spill-proof straw cups - he never would take a sippy cup). How great it would be to just stop at a gas station, buy a 20 oz. water (we don't let him drink soda!), put on the universal bottlecap straw thingy, and give it to him.

Also consider that many people prefer to drink from a straw - but have you ever tried to put a straw in a 20 oz. bottle? It falls inside just below the mouth and you have to use your finger to pull it back up. This product would also be great for atheletes as an alternative to the gatorade sports bottle drinks - and think about all the different beverages that are sold in the standard 20 oz bottles.

Oh yeah - if this product already exist s- somebody please tell me where I can buy it!

Reward: A lifetime supply that I can stash in my car's glove compartment!
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