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I noticed that more and more people are using computers, and that lots of people spend time chatting and surfing the web, or just doing work.

I'm sure that the energey used in hitting a button on the keyboard or moving a mouse could create some energy, this power multiplied by millions of people on millions of computers, would generate a lot of power, and it's good for the enviroment.

Reward: to stop polluting the world
By spannerintheworks
I think people are trying to do this right now with certain laptops..

imagine a laptop that uses biolgical engergy.. energy from your body own heat.. or through the keyboard.

But yeah.. sounds like a great idea..

but the power will be simply used to power your own pc.. that way everyone wins..
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By swimmer
the energy genberated by u working on the keybord for 10 hours is defenitly less than the enrgy that the laptop uses in a minute .

but i case of recharging the laptop , u will have to do an important physical work . so a turning handle with a dynamo turned for 20 minute , may generate enough energy to power the laptop for about 1 hour .
It would be worth investigating piezo-electric crystals, which are very commonly used these days, both to generate small amounts of current from movement/vibrations, and as very small actuators. They can function both ways, converting motion into current, or current into motion. While the amount of electricity generated is very small, it's something, and I believe these may be used in the power-generating dance floors, shoes, and MP3 players.

Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

The above mentioned idea sounds similar to the function of Faraday Flashlights.
By Rishi
Steve wrote: ... 2pate.html

Power is generated when work is done. In the patent described this work is done by the typist pushing down the magnet into a coil. The back emf generated will add that much MORE to the force seen by the finger. We will have a lot more of carpel tunnel syndrome because of this. I would much rather go with the swimmer's idea of a hand cranked generator fuelled by a sandwich and coffee.

swimmer wrote:How about charging with pedals , like drum pedals ... ull be able to work andchage ... andyoull exercisea bit ...

Good for you swimmer.
That is more like it. Anyway the legs are free while working on the comp. The generator and converter can be in the pedal mechanism. If the laptop case can house this (The hinge houses the generator) the unit can go with the comp.
What if you used the mini cycle for more than just powering the computer?

Think about a first person shooter where you walk by pedalling the cycle. This would increase immersion in the game, allow you to exercise while playing AND power your computer.

I have seen a cycle that can do this it just needs to be adapted to generate power.
By tempestnatures
How about electric roads?
Vehicles are so very heavy things and do exert a lot of pressure on the road.
If we can add a layer of some electromagnetic material on the road surface, it will generate a lot of power.
And as Rishi said, production of electricity needs work which in this case is the weight of the vehicle.
So, it will either make the vehicle lighter (am I being too optimist now?) or will oppose the vehicle motion altogether.
If it opposes motion, well... trash this idea but if we can find a way to oppose vehicle weight, man.. you have found a great source of energy.

How about electric road surfaces on downward sloping roads?
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