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By Vinay
Anyways the toilet paper roll is going to be used and thrown into the bin. How about asking corporates to put their advertisements on it? The corporates could then sell the toilet paper roll for less than a penny (subsidize the price).

That way, companies catch the attention of the people 'REAL Time' !!! (Truly Focussed Advertisement) and people won't mind using the buying cheper toilet paper rolls!

It's a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller!

Reward: Let me know if you like it and want to use it. I will be happy that my idea worked !
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By Steve
Might be a place to run anti-ads against your competitors (e.g. "Company XY stinks!"). :-b
By Rishi
Steve wrote:Might be a place to run anti-ads against your competitors (e.g. "Company XY stinks!"). :-b

If the ink transfers, one may end up with a black and blue bottom.

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By Michael D. Grissom
I remember drawing caracatures of people like Hitler for toilet paper squares and bar napkins cartoons back in the 70's. Neither one made enough money to stay with it but then my marketing skills were even worse than they are now. LOL!
By InventR
Great Idea! I am sure someone will use it - especially in public toilets.

I remember my Grandmom loved crossword puzzles and one birthday someone gifted her with rolls of toilet paper with crossword puzzles on them.

No prizes for guessing what onewould do if the puzzle was a toughie!!!!
By intershift
they tried it but pulled it off because it wasn't profitable
By dcosmin
when nature calls, who cares about marketing? =))
anyway, marketing can't be made in such a...low manner.After all, it's flushed! :D
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