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By um..just call me kassie.

Hello everyone! !+)
I am a student at Palos Verdes Penn. High School and I am doing a research project for school and for the Southern Cali. Academy of Science. (SCAS)
I was wondering if anyone knows if anyone had attempted the mummification process on fish, and if it has been successful. I know that a man did try it on a human (but he left it in the salt for too long... :-C ) and that a prof. and her students mummifyed some bunnies, but I want to test this wonderfully ancient process for myself.
Also, if anyone has any information on the funeral/burial rites of the ancient Japanese, I would greatly appreciate anything you would be willing to share!
<please email me back at>
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These folks might be able to help. Worth a shot, at least. Good luck!

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