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By binger
We have all seen the "spinners" on cars which make the rims continue to rotate even when the car is not moving. My idea is to create some rims that never spin. The car would be driving on the freeway but would appear to not be moving at all because the rims would not rotate.
By Daryl666
i have seen these on the road already, where i live they have them on some taxi's and the no spin rims are actually advertising for denny's resturants.
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By Greenearthman
They have Denny's in Canada? wOW, THE BACon double cheeseburger is awesome........
By AgentOrange
As early as 5 years ago, they even had McDonald's. (I think they called it McDunnough's.)

They even had 25 Canadian-cent cheesebourghers...on Tuesdays, I think it was. Unnn-believable!
By ballwash
Take a set of spinners and fix your hub design to the outside

Presumably theres some kind of friction clutch type thing that sets it spinning. Find a way round that so theres nothing trying to spin it, but the spinner will rotate if turned manually.

Either weight the bottom of the spinner so that the weight is sufficient to prevent it from rotating, or use a magnetis lock working between the wheel hub or chassis and spinner.

Problem there is it would have to be a strong magnet to hold it in place taking into consideration the space in between would have to accomodate the wheel itself.

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