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By binger
This would be a box that you would put all your various chargers in, i.e. phone charger, i pod charger, ear piece charger, camera charger, etc. It would be clean looking because all the cords would be hidden. Inside would be a surge protector. It would have holes so that all that would be showing is the connection piece to your various electronic devices.

Reward: make me one!
By Willlxx
I've done one for home use, its simply an extension lead fastened underneath a shelf with holes cut out in the shelf to thread each charger wire through and a small ledge to stop the phone, headset etc falling off. Works well and I'm sure someon could design a unit fully moulded to fit into a plug socket and allow several items to be connected for charing.

My ideal goal though would be for all manufacturers to use the same connectors like they do with a domestic plug!
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