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By randa
It would be like a tiny nanoalarm disguised as a button or belt buckle on a woman's pants and if forcfully pulled out or torn or misplaced a silent alarm will be activated and police will be alerted, also a set of earrings or hair clip that will act as a tracking device if you press a tiny button on it, so then the police will be able to find you. Women could wear them everytime they go out at night alone or to a bar or something.

Reward: women feel safer.
By DirtpatchSmacky
To prevent the rape you wouldnt want the alarm to be silent, if it were, with the average response time of the police coupled with the fact theyed have to figure out where the woman was, the rape would more than likelly be in progress or completed and perp running away,, the alarm should be as loud as humanlly possible and give off a strobe effect, anything to draw attention to where she is and whats going on,, loud sounds and flashing lights, im sure the guy runs away, silent alarm, he proceeds as planned.
By wtfish8
Ok ok. But if the alarm is unexpectedly activated, for example when the girl is in the lecture, it will be an extremely embarrassing situation. They should incorporate a hot key to turn off the alarm when desired by the user. ;-)
By bstrick1411
thats a great idea, but with police slow response there needs to be a way to stop the situation immediately.
I would rather know that i had a way to temporarly disable the perf and then have the belt contact the police thru a gps link like on cell phones and have a safe point network to where it would give your location within a 3 mile radius and be able to connect to local police in close range.
As for stopping the perf have a tazer built in to the belt that can deliver a pulse of electricty after activating the belt the perf grabs the belt and it delivers a shock that knocks him out.
Thee is an anti-rape female condom. A tracking device=, when nano technology is a little beit more available, could be injected into the guy that would link it spexcifically to that condom even through unique code with Rfi.
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