Nead a break from all your creative efforts? Cast your anchor here and enjoy a little chit-chat.
Every body needs too become bizarro just too come up with a unique idea since they have all been thought of then your bizarro idea has to work!
After 450 ideas my brain starts doing one or the other...
Can you help solve this problem?
I keep watching infomercials and they make the most obvious ideas, but they are practical and useful and you wonder how you missed that idea or it is a product from some chemistry lab where you have no idea what the heck made it work.
Two ways to do it... use your PhD to make one million dollar idea or three years of education (My education) making two bit ideas until you can't tell if it's worth Steve's time to even look at.
There's also that feeling you get all the time where you think "It's all been done" then you come back here and see all the new ideas that work like the practical infomercials and you start wondering if ideas are done or yourself! Ha!

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