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By sebin
This device is used for finding the speed while you are running or jogging. The device is fixed to the shoes, the distance between the shoe is measured, also the time. Then the speed is calculated by these two inputs. The o/p is then sent to your wrist watch (digital watch).

This particular shoe can be used for atheletes, joggers etc.

Reward: If this idea is succesful then my reward is "A date with Miss World 2006"
By DirtpatchSmacky
in order for this to work the way explained, the devices on the shoes would have to be calibrated to the joggers length of stride, then said stride would have to remain constant for readout to be any where close to accurate.
By sebin
what i was thinking is that we no need to calibrate the device....let the device find the distance between the strides...once that found it could calculate the speed.
By hblu2002
This device already exists in multiple forms. Nike, Polar, Suunto have accelerometers that attach to your foot and calculate very precisely the distance and speed at which you're running. They also integrate this info with heart rate data. Additionally Garmin and a few other manufacturers provide similar distance and speed info using GPS satellite info. Different methods achieving the same goal. Also (final one) there is a new product that works with an ipod nano that would give you speed and distance info as you run with your ipod. The device is inserted into an area in a pair of specially designed nike sneakers.
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