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By AaronBurns
Using clear plasma trapped with in several different layers of clear screen you could see the real depth instead of perceived depth of 3-D screens. You just have what is supposed to be in the front foreground appear on the front screen and see through to the subsequent layers until you get to the furthest distance of the image you would be projecting on the screen (moving or not). This would work for use in any screen application from TV, computers, small screen devices, etc. (basically all visual output). Just like surround sound for the eyes only your screen need not be anything but flat!

Reward: One of the first built! I really need a better TV and computer screen and Ipod and...
By garry
Plasma screen depth easy no prob, just work out how many levels of depth you need ,then add one computer for every depth level ,write the software to change the brightness as you go deeper,
network it all then buy a warehouse to put it in.cheers
By Avatar72_and_a_half
True, it would need a lot of layers like with volumentric redering, but it is not unlike the early rotoscoping devices used by disney in the early days where clear assertate was stacked on selves and a camara placed above the stack to enable layers of backgrown scenary to be drawn seperatedly. There are also 3D screens that groved stripes that project to each eye that work ok as long as you don't move your head to much and other devices with mirrors and polarised glass and stuff, don't really know how they work. Overall i think its a good idea!
By tamnan
it could work but would it sell for more than it cost to make is the real question. not just with this product either every person with a new idea should consider this. also-is it something people would actually buy? :-?
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