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By jhgomez
Let's say there is a device that identifies certain frequencies and their origin. Put one of them in the top of each light post (or at least one in three) and a camera. Then adjust this device to detect the noise of a gun shot. It will activate the camera aiming towards the noise source. It could help to identify criminal situations and will stop crime somehow, since they will know that can be viewed.

Reward: Safer streets
By cowtoy
Great idea! sorry but it's taken. In Chicago IL and other cities they have already implemented this plan. In Oakland CA, they even have a system that measures input from 3 microphones to triangulate the exact location the gun was fired. Check it out for yourself.
By parhat
Most of the problems is that a criminal can't be caught redhanded since the resolution of these cameras are small. One way is for the police to shoot many tiny microchips stuck into the criminal's clothes or something so they can be apprehended easier. These microchips stuck on clothes will prove that they were at the crime scenes.

As to the microphone camera, the sensing of sound is based on normal sounds, however an infrasound can be detected much farther before and incidence occurs. This is why dogs can detect certain would-be criminals or potential rapist before they occur, their infrasound signature is different by their beating of the heart and animals can detect that.
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