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By mmurali
Use state of the art facial recognition system to register users of a car. - This can be done with a resonably priced camera, and in-car-CPU. The car would not start unless a registered user operates the car.

In security parlence, this can be a strong biometrics (second factor authentication) for the car. This can in additional to the key that we may be currently using.

System can be built for registration, addition, deletion, title transfer etc. If the car is supected to be stolen - we can set parameters for them, a variety alerts can be send to authorities.
By GadgetmanKen
Some of the problems for biometric scans or facial recognition systems is that they can be sometimes not recognizable by body temperature. Say you got in from out being in the cold and your face is real cold. At least one of those type scanners use body heat signatures and I think you would have to sit in the car till you thaw out which like most peoples cars are still out in the cold, like yourself. You'd have to go warm up somewhere else.
By GadgetmanKen
Once I thought it would be cool to at least put a hidden camera or two inside the dash , so that when, and if, your car was stolen it would at least have a photo of the thief, if its recovered. Even then perhaps it could download automatically to your home computer, or the police station and maybe find out who it is.

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