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By AaronBurns
A voice modulator that you can choose to change your singing voice changed to match the singer of the song simply by having the computerized Karaoke machine (which memorized all the singer's vocal details) change the pitch, octave, vibrato, etc. Basically a synthesizer that creates the closest match to the actual singer's sound within a certain chosen song. You could even be a man and sing and sound like Madonna! Ha!

Not hard to change your sound digitally, but the memory the computer would need would need to be high, but not too high when you consider getting 1000 songs on a device that fits in your pocket. So, if you were shy to try Karaoke before; now you will not sound bad until you flip the switch and try your own unaltered voice. This machine would help you practice the correct way to sing any song until you are ready to try it on your own and sound great!

Reward: I'd love to have one of these.
It only takes a bit of imagination to see it'd be a LOT more fun than just miming and NOT the same as the original CD. You actually have control over the voice, inflections, everything, you could even redo th tune/sing harmonies if you want. It'd be awesome.
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