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By amaryeh
A digital body weight scale that is no bigger than 20cm x 10cm x 3cm. It could have a ruggedized LCD for readouts, or simply incorporate a bluetooth chip and send the results to your cellphone or laptop.

The way I envision it working, is that you put it on the floor and balance on top of the device on one foot. When the scale has gotten a constant and steady strain for over 1 second it gives a beep, at which point you can pick it up and read the results, or as I said, they could be bluetoothed to another device.

For people who weigh themselves daily, yet need to travel, this would be great: digital body scales are pretty inexpensive, but currently they are all big and bulky. I don't see why the strain gauge technology used in them couldn't be packaged in a travel package.

Reward: At least one device for free.
By peter_scotch
Hi buddy first of all thanks for your article where you shortly discus about a product “Traveling diet body scales”. I have not any single idea about this product. Is this any kind of electronics equipment to measure our body shape or weight or whatever else, please briefly discus about this product and it using process? I am eagerly waiting for your post reply.
By amaryeh
Hi Peter,
My idea was a scale to measure weight, though today there are also scales that incorporate body fat measurement as well. The electronics for this are well known, see for instance Tanita scales . These all seem to presently be designed as fairly large devices, certainly not of the size and weight that a traveler would consider packing in their suitcase. So my idea is to design one with the same functions, but in a compact or thin/rollup form factor.

Any updates on this project?

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