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By Steve
A couple of weeks ago I've seen half a dozen of kids playing rap music using a trashcan in a metro station. The trashcan offered two different sounds - one by slamming the hand on it, the other by kicking it with the foot. The scene was just beautiful - it was already past midnight, the passengers were waiting for the metro, and most of them were either sleepy, or bored, or both. I guess that literally everybody enjoyed the show. (By the way, no actual trashcans were harmed during this song. :-) - I am sure that this would make the perfect scenario for a music video.

Reward: Give me the credits.
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By Elizabeth Spillers
Already been done. It's called "Stomp Out Loud". They are very succeessful, having appeared on national TV and they've had their own HBO special. ( Maybe two.) Where have you been?
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By Steve
Washington, DC.
By (rap
rap sucks. forget the idea entirely
By Herb
It's not "rap", it's music.
I once saw a video where the fellow walked down the street and played 'drums' on all the different objects. I wish I knew the name. It was excellent.
I never heard of "Stomp Out Loud". I live in the US where the only thing worse than rap is HBO.
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By Michael D. Grissom
RAP probably sucks as bad as our parents said Elvis sucked.
By colacool2003
rap sucks rock all the way ;-D 8-o :-B :-# :-) :-D ;-) B-) :-b :-]
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By CycoMage
Yep, (c)rap sux all right, but moozik B Kool. I was jus' wonderin' why steev0 posted as a guest above. Must B some Xplanation. " ooh Lucy, ya got some splainen to do!".
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By Steve
CycoMage, the explanation is easy (hoping not to destroy a legend here ;-) ) - I switched to a different board system in late May / early April 2002. I transferred every single post by hand (you can tell by the posting dates). The old system didn't have registrations at all, so most posters from that time are "guests." Later I converted some of the older posts to registered ones (at least where I knew that the user was the same), but it seems like I missed some! :-o

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