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Have you ever noticed that when you go to the fridge late at night and open it that you have a tendency to stand there half asleep starring at the contents for several minutes?

Well, if the refrigerator had a variable sound level worded command you could proceed in the snacking process with out wasting time, electricity and other qualities that go with it. You could hurry up and get back to bed!

You could also program your refrigerator to give you a list of night time snacks that are in it. You might even want a flashing red light to help wake you up.

Reward: A talking refrigerator with this!
By sarahtia
Wouldn't the voice od the refridgerator wake others in the house up?
If it was a one-man show, then I think it's a great idea.
But personally, I'd rather not be woekn up by my appliances. ;-)
By doenerij
i think your argument for the product is really weak..where is the evidence that leaving the fridge open for 1 minute more will cost me a lot of money?

above that, maybe people like to have a certain choise and don't want to be hurrassed by some sort of alarm which tells them to hurry up picking their OWN food in their OWN house out of their OWN fridge.
By andysmee
If the fridge had a clear door and an external light switch you could browse for as long as you like.

Might need a scondary door to hide the contents from visitors though - very untidy otherwise! [and inefficient]
By klazno4
I have a better idea. Why not have the fridge yell at you. "Why are you noshing in the middle of the night?!!!" "Go back to bed you overweight fatso!" These type of fridges would sell like hotcakes. Someone should start making them.
Imagine, anyone who is on a diet would pay oodles for a fridge like that.

You could even have the fridge remember you. If you haven't opened the fridge in a while it could heep praise on your new diet skills. This idea is endless and hopefully extremally pricy for the originator.
By sseur
My parents have had a fridge for many years that beeps after the door has been open for a given amount of time. I think it's about 60 seconds or so.
the idea for the alarm when the door is open too long is kind of a good idea...but the possibility of having the refrigerator list off what there is to eat in it is a near impossibility at the time, there is no scaner of any sort that could figure out what food in there, so it would have to manually entered in, which could cause problems if you forgot to update the list
There could be a fridge with weight sensors and a printer so when you are going to the store you could print out a list of items you are low on. It would require certain designated spots in the fridge for certain items and individual programming in of those areas and the "full" weight but it would work for me since I always have a place for everything and everything in its place in my fridge. When it got to 10% full or whatever you set it for, it would print on the list.
I think that was the answer of my problem. Because last night, I am very thirsty so I went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator. Then suddenly, I was standing there and I don't know that I was sleeping until I felt the cold. I think that was worst!
Well, the light in our fridge is now broken and wont light anymore. My mother said to change it but it never happens, maybe because they forgot it or something. Is it alright if a refrigerator has no lights on it?
the flashing red light indicates a cooling problem,you should call honest local appliance repair shop(not sears they rob you blind)one other thing to try is to unplug for 5 minutes then plug back in and see if it reset sets itself,could be just a board reset issue,let me know-mike
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