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By kb
Everyone walks and/or drives. Technology exists now to produce electric charge when pressure is applied - looks like sandwiched sheets.

Why not put huge expanses of these sheets under the main thoroughfares, stations, highways, etc...? Then all this random human movement starts producing electricity for our cities. Store it properly in something better than batteries.
By thedoc7777
on a smaller scale to start you could put these in the soles of people's shoes and have them power their personal accessories, such as a cell phone, pager, ipod etc. Or it could power personal heating and cooling devices.
By hm
While the idea is good for stuff like charging a phone, where no other source of power is available, you need to remember that you would feel a "power drain".
Your "power generating" plate (pizo crystal?) would need to compress/decompress, with every step making you feel like you walk in sand. Making it harder to walk.

No energy for free - sorry.
By thedoc7777
haha maybe by making it harder to walk we could also combat the overwhelming obesity problem by making shoes that increase walking intensity.
By coup83
it would also be VERY expensive... imagine covering just 1 mile of road with them. There also might be an issue with respect to longevity and durability. Throw in the fact that you'd only be getting a little energy from them, I don't think this is a feasible idea.
By amorriso
You could put the piezoelectric material in the tires of the cars instead of on the road. That would be less expensive, and tires need to compress and expand anyway just to grip the road properly so you wouldn't expend any extra energy. B-)

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