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By AaronBurns
Never get sticky again by exploding cans of cabonated drinks!
Just check the displayed pressure on the pressure gauge. The higer or lower the pressure in the can the higher and lower the liquid rises in the small plastic gauge next to a number that tells you the pressure of the contents.

You could locate the gauge anywhere on the can or bottle and in any convenient shape, so that it would be cheap to add. Most likely on the side, vertically attached at the bottom to the inside of the container of liquids. Great for some microwavable products too, where the pressure denotes the temperature.

Reward: To see how small and easily this might be applied.
That's a pleasantly useful idea. Though the soda pressure gauge would be great fun if the soda bottle were attached to a modified water-gun! Then people could have pressurized-soda-gun battles when they detected a bottle of especially shaken-up soda with the handy dandy pressure gauge!
In October 07 I completed a patent search on pop-top carbonated beverage can-ends and there are three pressure gauges and all were patented by the same inventor.

The problem with pop-top inventions is that over 300 BILLION beverage cans are sold annually and the addition of a pin-head amount of aluminum to each can would be unthinkable in the industry. In fact, the latest greatest pop-top patent (SuperEnd by Crown in 2001) of the hundreds patented, a revelation in the industry, was a minor reduction in the diameter of the top which was a 10% reduction in aluminum usage which saves about 75,000 tons of aluminum and 120 tons of coating annually.

Anyone who invents a way to use less aluminum in beverage can, no matter how small, is on track for making $$$MILLIONS$$$
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