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By Mimi Svensson
Ever been disappointed by a one-night stand? Well, he (or she) probably thought there would be no consequences! I guess that sometimes people have to be "helped" into good behavior: So why not rate your lover? The software could be exactly the same as on Ebay (or other online services). If you get good ratings, you get a pin to wear on your belt buckle or fly. (Be careful, don't *beep* yourself! :-)

Reward: No more dissatisfaction!
This is a fine idea. Who would be able to read this rating? Would it be accessible to only the towns where they are located? Though this could get to be an ugly squall, it could also cause much excitement.
By Redline
But how do you decide by which standard to judge a lover? Is it by the number of orgasms he/she gives to you? Or is it to be based on something a little more intangible, such as the intimacy factor; i.e. this person may not be everything I want in a bed partner, but he/she sure is fun to cuddle with, and the romance is great.

God forbid we should be judged on pure anatomy. Is it to be *beep* size, or vaginal girth, a flabby thigh, versus a well-maintained figure? There needs to be some clarification before this can go into practice.
By Mimi
You got me wrong, Redline (or maybe I wasn't explicit enough?). If a new car regularly breaks down after 5 minutes and the word spreads, people will stop buying it. I consider this positive feedback, since it offers the opportunity for improvement. Whether a good car is supposed to have huge tires or a long transmission just isn't the subject...
By NGEddie
The only problem is that everyone would get sued.

In the UK we had a recent case where a teacher sued an ex-student for posting nasty things about him on a website.
in the end the website just had to remove the messageboard option completely.

There was also the US case of the fish tank salesman who sued someone for slander on the net - despite the fact everything they said was true - and won. The US system meant that the people couldn't afford to defend themselves and just settled for something less than the legal fees would be.

common occurances - and flaws in the plan me thinks...
By lovetta604
i dont think this is fair if we all had this some people might never get some
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By Steve
Some people DO never get some.
By lovetta604
your one of them are you :-)
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By Steve
Yup. Guess it's the pipe in my mouth that's the turn-off. :-[
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By CycoMage
Aside from lawsuits and tangible basis for measurement, how couldthis be standardized? If everyone could be trusted to be entirely truthful the whole idea would be unneccesary, and probably wouldn't have been thought-up. Anger, jealousy, and emotional, not sexual, disappointment, as well as crushes/infatuations, would entirely disrupt the system. This could ruin many lives, and make "studs" out of sexually inept but lovable fools. Just remember "a woman scorned...." :-X
Well,... I have my shirt and pants designed!
I'm am definitely READY for the new rating system!
Now,... if I could just remember if I'm suppose to wear a black belt with brown shoes or,.. is it the other way around? hmmmm
By amba
have you ever heard the saying "one mans meat is another mans poison" this idea is flawed because what some people like in bed others detest. Also in referance to size e.t.c there's a nut for every bolt the only way to get good is practise,so if you scuppered some poor souls chance of ever getting their leg over they will never improve!
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