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By cozumel1271
I can't even guess why I have never seen this next idea anywhere. I think it would be a great idea to install "wet nap" dispensers in all public restrooms right by the exit door.

The design of it can vary from individually wrapped wet naps to a pop-up dispenser, similar to how a tissue box works. You can grab one on your way out and clean your hands off after you wrap your freshly washed hads around the germ ridden door handle. Or even use it to grab the door handle. Imagine the passing of germs that this will help cut down on.
By notthenameiwant
Yea- I normally just keep the paper towel I used to dry my hands with and open the door with that- they usually have a trash can right by the door so I'll toss it before the door closes. I have major OCD when it comes to public restroom...
By GadgetmanKen
Yeah, no matter how many times a day you clean the bathroom door handles there is always the jerk that thinks he is germ free after taking a dump or a wizz, and won't, or doesn't care to wash his hands. Disgusting, isn't it? I think there ought to be some board of health rule that restrooms must be entered via a handle and pushed open to exit. At least theres a good chance you might land on a spot thats reasonably clean, or that you can use your arm or elbow to push it open. At least this should be a rule at restaurants. Maybe even having automatic door openers in them would be better, and it would also help the invalids or the wheelchair bound easy access in and out with out getting stuck midway in the doors. Now, if we can just get those people who throw those custom made toilet paper coodie covers they place on the seats to toss them in the toilet and not on the floor. DuH!
By GadgetmanKen
Heck for that matter a lot of places are now putting doorless hallway entries into the public restrooms. No nasty doors to touch on the way out. I can think of several places where these types are common, like mall, food court, and movie theater restrooms.
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By Greenearthman
In the emergency room i work in, there is hand sanitizer dispensers in every room, pretty much. ive also seen sanitary wipes at the grocery stores which are used to wipe down carts......
By calibret
Agreed with "notthenameIwant" ..... just use the papertowel to open the door then toss it before you exit. I think we need one of those mall automatic door where it uses infrared to sense the presense of the person and opens it.
By monkeyman
as long as you eat heathy youll only delay getting the sickness by being that much of a neat freak its cinda like if you stayed in a grem free ball for born-20 you would have no immuites and get every sickness all at once(its only a few steps away) and the cemecles in those cleaner stuff are worst for you then grems

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