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hi friends,this is moumita here. i would like to share an idea which i would have loved to develop but couldn't because i did not have suitable expertise. this is about call forwarding to a changed cell number.
many people are reluctant to change their phone/mobile numbers(to a different cellular service providers) because they have given that number to their distant friends,relatives,cousins,etc (whom is not frequently in touch with) and fear that they wont be able to contact him if he changes the i had invented the mechanism for them.
what we need to design is an automatic router machine which would forward calls in the following way-
after changing the phone number,the customer need not inform others of the changed number by himself.what he simply does is register for this router service by submitting his name,old phone/mobile number and the new number.
now,whenever someone calls him in his old number,the call gets automatically routed to his new number,so he receives the call in his new number.but if the old number is reused by someone else i.e. if the number is active,then the call goes to the latter instead of the new number.
friends,do give me feedback on what do you feel, is it really useful or not,or the technical method by which it can be realized.

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